Nov 8

Training At Your Pet Space-by Aly D., Training Manager

Active dogs can benefit from daycare because it’s a great and safe energy outlet. Dogs in our care are taught by dog handlers as well as by other well mannered daycare dogs how to play safely and appropriately. After a day of daycare most dogs are tired out and will go home to enjoy a […]

Nov 4

Staffed 24/7 NOT Open 24/7

The current Mission in Progress at Your Pet Space is improving communication company wide. To that end, we trust this post will help clarify some recent misunderstandings among our clients. The below reminder information was sent out as recently as Sept 26th of this year: We are proud to offer longer hours than any other […]

Oct 24

Grooming at Your Pet Space–by Dave Jones, owner

Grooming is the ultimate dog experience. It requires time, trust and cooperation. It is an intimate experience with the dog that cannot be forced. At Your Pet Space we use gentle methods to groom your pet. We slowly introduce the dog to each process before proceeding in order to ensure that they are comfortable. If […]

Sep 26

Fall Reminders

Thanks to all for a for a wonderful open house at our new building on Saturday! It was so fun seeing all of you and meeting lots of new potential clients. Just this past Monday we hit capacity, which is something never before seen on a Monday! Since we can’t imagine getting less busy at […]

Aug 5


Incredidogs, Assemble! In case you haven’t been to YPS in the last week, Bark to School has started Year 3. Yes, our Tricks Class is back and it is superheroes themed–what’s not to love? If you’d like to enroll your pup for 8 weeks (Aug-Sept), and he is not taking Manners Class with us, Tuition […]

Jul 30

The Your Pet Space Company Culture

Your Pet Space logo

Our priorities are safety and fulfillment of the pets in our care as well as each other. We all feel ownership in what we do. We always do our best. We understand trust is earned by being responsible in all matters. We work as a team. We are fair and accepting of one another. We […]

Jul 2

What Sets Your Pet Space Apart?

We are the only cage free boarding center in Las Cruces. Unlike caged centers, we do not accept aggressive pets. We do not offer a multiple dog discount, because we offer all pets freedom in our play areas, instead of restricting 2 or more dogs to the same small space, or stacking them on top […]

Jun 7

Certification For Home Care

On the subject of safety and liability…   At Your Pet Space we are extremely proud of the professional industry safety and care certifications we and our staff have earned which we use for both in facility and home care. Due to liability issues which may surface when accepting your pet from someone else’s care such […]

Feb 9

Winter Update!

We are so excited that Spring Break is looming ever closer! It’s a busy, fun time for us as we get to meet a lot of new clients, trying us out for the first time. Already, our phone is ringing, people are touring and bringing their dogs for an orientation day. Just this past Friday […]

Dec 5

Christmas Capacity

Just wanted to drop everyone a quick note: at this time we are not yet full but could easily fill up as Christmas reservations are coming in fast. This applies to both dogs coming for boarding and those who come to daycare.  PLEASE call ahead to verify we have room on Christmas Day, New Year’s […]